With the view to give wide scope to the students in rural area of Osmanabad District in Dnyan Prasarak Mandal opened senior college at Kalamb in 1969. Running a college without any economic source was a challenge before the institution. But with the help and moral inspiration of the supporters it could accept the challenge. When the college was in its initial stage, there were only arts and commerce faculties. But these two faculties created a ray of hope in the minds of the matriculate students who had to go to Aurangabad for further education. It was rather expensive for the rural students. For the overall development of the students the college started N.S.S. and N.C.C. There was cultural department also which enabled the students to show the power of their activities in social welfare, interest in drama, street plays, songs and varieties of other activities. The sports department, since the beginning is careful towards the mental and physical health of the students.

The further step in the development was opening of science faculty in 1982. It gave a golden chance to the rural students to take an opportunity in the field of science to make their career and also help the nation progress scientifically.

Today the college runs 12 institutional programmers, 5 conventional and 7 non-conventional programmers. There are career oriented programmers like Electronics, Computer Science etc. Most of the students in our college come from rural area. Naturally, farming is their traditional source of income, considering this view, and to give support to their traditional trade, the college runs agro based courses like Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Fishery Science, Sericulture, Dry Land Agriculture, Horticulture etc.

Recently, taking in consideration the need of the knowledge of computer the college has operated Net Access Centre and has a linkage with MITCON. It enables the students to appear for the examinations information Technology.

Besides many of the degree courses, the college also runs certificate courses in Dairy Farming, Mulberry Cultivation and Seri-Culture.

At B.A. level, the students can study Physical Education, Military Science as optional subjects. For the overall development of the personality, the students are given the knowledge of remedial English grammar, training in spoken English, during the special campaigns.

The foremost aim of the institution is to produce resourceful persons with entrepreneurial skills as well with the discernment and diligence expected of the people engaged in high-tech systems and research institutes in order to form a nation economically self-reliant, politically stable and culturally impenetrable. Social responsibility is our priority and so we believe more in stake holder friendly educational system. For the maximum accomplishment of the academic goals, the college enriches and improves all the resources constantly. Quality conscious and strong intention for quality sustenance is the aim of education all through the organization. The institution has also started postgraduate center in Zoology, History, Geography and Marathi. Just in the span of 20 years the college stands as a research center in zoology. The institution proudly declares that in the research centre has three research guides and 20 part time students at present. Four students are already awarded Ph.D. The college has 08 Ph.D, and 8 M.Phil degree faculty members. A great number of staff members keep themselves in research activities, publish articles in the journals of international repute and present papers at national level and international level seminars, conferences and symposia.