Department of Mathematics


    The primary goal of mathematics department is to teach all students to think logically and critically.
  • The curriculum support to development of higher level mathematical skills and computing expertise for students in fields such as the natural, engineering, computer, and social science.
  • The department programs and activate provides opportunities’ for academic excellence and leadership developments.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to pursue further studies in mathematic.
  • Recognize that mathematic is an art as well as a powerful foundation tools of science with limitless applications.
  • Demonstrate and under sting of the theoretical concepts and axiomatic underpinnings mathematics and ability to construction propos at the appropriate level .
  • Known and demonstrate understanding of the concept from the same branches of mathematics (number, algebra, geometry statistics and discrete mathematics.
  • Use appropriate concepts and skills to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situation including those in real-life contexts




Name :- Shri.Mitkari S.A
Dsignation:-  Associate professor (H.O.D)
Qualification:- M.Sc.
Subject:- Mathematics
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  Name :- Dr. Choudhari H.L
Dsignation:-  Asst. Teacher
Qualification:- M.Sc.B.ed, M.Phil,Ph.D
Subject:- Mathematics
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Departmental Activities
Organized One Day Workshop for MATHEMATICS Teachers of kalamb and Washi Taluka on 06 oct 2012 on the topic “USE OF NEW TOOLS TO TEACHING MATHEMATICS” on 06 oct , .

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