Department of Physics

The department has seven well furnished laboratories equipped with  different instrument such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), audio frequency generators, radio frequency generators, microwave benches, optical benches, microprocessors, single pan balance (mechanical & electrical both), Sorption unit
Geigen Muller counters, Hall effect set up , Ultrasonic generator etc. Few of these instruments are used for research work.




 gsjadhav Name :- Mr.G.S.Jadhav
Dsignation:-  Associate  professor
Qualification:- M.Sc.
Subject:- Physics
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 kamble sr Name :- Dr.S.R.Kamble
Dsignation:-  Associate professor(Head)
Qualification:- M.Sc.,Ph.D
Subject:- Physics
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Support Staff


Shri. Keche M.B. Lab.Att. M.A.  keche


Shri. Choudhari B.J. Lab.Att. H.S.C.  choudhari


Shri. Khandare C.A. Lab.Att. B.A  khandare