Department of Home Science

Year of establishment – June 1992

Aiming at to equip the future home maker with relevant knowledge, competencies and prepare them to become efficient custodians of nation’s future. Home science education is worth to assist family and community towards improved living.

The department caters the educational needs of learning community from coming different strata of society by providing equal opportunities in conventional and various entrepreneurial programmes. The curriculum develops appropriate skills which are significant to students.

Built up area – 37.16 sqm.

Head of Department – Smt. Sakhalkar Meena Narhar.

Programmes – Under Graduate

Medium of instruction – Marathi

Objectives of Home Science –

Teaching of Home science in rural areas is so difficult because there are so many misunderstandings, misconceptions about home science and these should be descended. This thought keeping in mind following objectives are decided by department.

  1. To develop awareness regarding self employment and entrepreneurship.
  2. To understand the biological and physiological foundations of development.
  3. To understand the rate of nutrition during pregnancy, lactation and childhood.
  4. To learn menu planning for different economic levels.
  5. To understand the development and behaviour during adolescence.
  6. To develop an understanding and appreciation of harmonious and wholesome family living.
  7. To develop understanding of the significance of the home management.

Department Features

  1. Continuous assessment through practicals, class reports and curriculum related activities.
  2. Assignments – different curriculum related surveys of minimum 10 sample and report writing.
  3. Compiled collection of printed booklets, magazines for study material on five fields of home science. Students can read and refer any time.

Extracurricular Activities

  1. Demonstration of articles of self employment areas and annual exhibition of items prepared by students.
  2. Conducting annual competitions of mehendi, floor decoration (rangoli) and nutritious recipes.
  3. Guidance and counselling for students having family, marital or learning problems.
  4. Department organized two day days work shop on self entrepreneurship for SHGs in 2011-12.

Extension Activities

Worked as Associate NCC Officer up to July 2013.

Deliverd guest lectures through panchayat samiti, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (education to all) for teacher-coordinators, rural women, parents of exceptional children.

Conducted counselling sessions for teenage girls through Meena and Raju Manch of ZP schools.

Working as a advisor in pre-primary school.

Average result of last five years

No. of students admitted in last five years. (Only female students admitted for Home science)

Year F.Y.B.A S.Y.B.A. T.Y.B.A.
2009-10 40 27 16
2010-11 25 14 16
2011-12 23 16 14
2012-13 27 16 15
2013-14 30 16 15
2014-15 43 27 11
2015-16 42 33 19

Result of T.Y.B.A. of the Home science in last five years.

Year Appeared Passed I class II class Percentage
2009-10 16 16 06 10 100%
2010-11 13 11 08 03 84.6
2011-12 12 10 09 01 83
2012-13 15 14 10 04 93
2013-14 10 10 06 04 100
2014-15 08 06 03 03 75

Average result of last five years is 87%

Faculty profile

Smt. Meena Narhar Sakhalkar.

  National International Total
Research paper      


20 04 24
Paper presented

In conference

11 02 13
Paper published 09 06 15

Research Project

Minor research project- entitled “Study of Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Monitoring Iodine Content of Locally Available Salt.” March 2006

Funding Agency- University Grants Commission

Total grant received 45000/-

Completed and submitted to college office.

No. of Books in Central Library

244 books in senior library and 60 books in UGC library total 304 books.

185 reference books in personal library

List of Equipments

  1. Kitchen utensils for cookery practical – adequate
  2. LPG Gas stove and cylinder 01
  3. Induction cooker – 02
  4. Bakery oven        01
  5. Mixer 01
  6. Microwave oven 01
  7. Refrigerator 01
  8. Weighing balance (electric)  01
  9. Weighing balance (manual) 01
  10. Sewing machine 02


Highlighting Alumni of department

  1. Anandgaonkar Archana Shivajirao self employed – bag making. (04-05)
  2. Raut Shital Udhhav A. Home science – working on CHB.
  3. Tapdia Kalpna Bhagirath self employed – designer sari making. (05-06)
  4. Bhange Kirtee Dattatray A. Home science – working on CHB. (06-07)
  5. Kasbe ChhayaMukund working as ASHA(accredited social health activist)(07-08)
  6. Patil Sindhu self employed – play group and pre-primary school. (08-09)
  1. Mitkari Rupali Sanjay A. Home science, PET, PhD in progress.(09-10)
  2. Modi Sneha Shrikant A. Home science
  3. Londhe Shital Arun A. Home science (10-11)
  4. Shinde Reshma Mukund A. Home science
  5. Thorbole Lata Vishnu self employed – pre-primary school. (12-13)
  6. Tawre Manisha Bharat self employed – pre-primary school. (13-14)

Additionally these names our 14 ex-students engaged in self employment on modest level like stitching garments, artificial jewellery making, soft toys making, beauty parlour, supplying Tiffin etc.

10 ex- students working as ASHA and anganwadi workers.

Departmental Activities

In routine practical and demonstrations for guiding self employment areas.

  1. Fruit preservation
  2. Flower arrangements, bouquet and garland
  3. Floor decorations- rangoli
  4. Fabric painting, glass & ceramic painting
  5. Tie & dye
  6. Stitching soft toys, cushions
  7. Visits to bank, post, maternity home, primary health centre, anganwadi (ICDS), self help group
  8. Display of informative charts/posters
  9. Display & exhibition of scrap books a & handicrafts in annual gathering
  10. Arranging ‘anand nagri’/ food stalls in annual gathering

Future plan

To arrange entrepreneurship workshop for rural Self Help Group on wider level / state level.

To separate textile lab and nutrition lab.