Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is established in the year 1969. classes were started to provide higher education facilities to the students of this area. We have consistently produced merit rank holders at U.G. Students in economics learn a systematic approach to studying social phenomena. Classes emphasize theoretical modeling, empirical analysis, and critical thinking. In addition to completing the core courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, students choose from a wide variety of electives, including international trade and finance, labor economics, industrial organization, economic development, economic history, money and banking, public economics, mathematical economics and game theory, and econometrics. Economics majors also complete a senior seminar and conduct research projects on topics of their own choosing.

Within the major, students may elect concentrations in financial markets and mathematical economics. Graduates of the program pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, including finance, banking, government, consulting, business, health administration, teaching, advocacy, and non-profit administration. The major also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in economics, law, public policy, business administration, and other fields.

  • To give the knowledge about importance of Economics in day to day life.
  • To give the knowledge of Economics in the family Economy.
  • To give the competitive approach to the students .
  • To give the knowledge Of Reforms In Economics.
  • To research approach Enhance Among the students.
  • To develop self Awareness Employability .
  • To awareness about current economic situation in the economy.
  • To Give information About GAAT & L.P.G Policies.
  • .To make the students ready to face the economical social changes in the economy.
  • To made aware about the competitiveness of the Indian economy in global economy.
  • To serve need of knowledge of computer in 21st century and its application in the study of economics.
  • In the age of the globalization and new economics policy, decision is most important factor which is created by Economics Department.

Faculty :-

 JADHAV Name :- Smt.Jadhav M.B
Dsignation:- C.H.B
Qualification:- M.A,Ph.D
Subject:- Economics
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Name :- MR. A.S.SHINDE
Dsignation:- C.H.B
Qualification:- M.A. , NET
Subject:- Economics
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