Being one of the important departments is in the college, it was established in the university 1979.  One head including two teachers are working in the department. The university has allowed to open this department in the select forty colleges and it is proud that our college is one of them. The department holds various programmes, lectures, workshops, counselling, guidance for the welfare of the society and national reconstruction. So far, the department has organised several programmes like training camp for youth, women, farmers etc. These programmes are successfully organised with the collaboration of N.S.S., Marathi Department and Maharashtra state government. With the help of these programmes, the department creates awareness concerning with social issues and problems.


  • To educate illiterate adult.
  • To create awareness about social problems in the students and society.
  • To motivate the students for social services.
  • To connect the college with the society.
  • To cultivate a sense of social harmony in the society.
  • To inform about population education to the society.

Features of Department

  1. Workshops
  2. Counselling
  3. Training camp
  4. Guest lectures
  5. Elocution competition

Activities of Department

Sr.No Year Programme
1 2010-11 1.      Guidance  camp  of  the production  of  organic manure for farmers

2.      Lecture for women  concerning  laws  for  women empowerment

3.      Awareness  programme  about  ‘consumer  right’

4.      Health  camp  for  girls  students

2 2011-12 1.      Workshop  about  social  harmony
3 2012-13 1.      Lecture  on  female  foeticide

2.      Tree  plantation

4 2013-14 1.      Literacy  programme  for  women  member  of Grampanchayat

2.      Awareness  programme  for  voters  and  election

3.      Counselling  camp  for  personality  development

5 2014-15 1.      Water  conservation  camp  in village (Athardi)

2.      Celebration  of  mother -tongue  day

 Faculty Profile
1. Dr.Kalwane K.L ( Chairman )
Assistant Professor
Department of Marathi

2. Mr.Ankushrao N.M (Member)
Assistant Professor
Department of English

3. Mr.Tatipamul R.V (Member)
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography

Future Plan
As per guideline of the university, the programme or training camp is organised by the department of college

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