ABOUT THE BOARD OF EXTRA MURAL STUDIES The Board of Extra Mural Studies is the most essential board in the college. The board in university was established in the year 1994. The university has permitted to open this department in the select forty colleges and it is proud to say that our college is one of them. It aims at to spread education in the society, especially in rural areas. For achieving these aims, the board organizes various training camp, workshop, lectures and other educational activities continuously. The theme of camp or programme is decided and guided by the university. Every year, one camp is organised by the board in the college. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES
  • To organise the training camps for farmers and laboures.
  • To empower the women and make them self independent.
  • To add the recent knowledge and information about employment.
Features of Department
  • Guest lectures
  • Field work
  • Workshops
  • Training camp
Activities of Department
Sr.No Year Programme
1 2011-12 Self-employment  Training  Camp for  Women’s  Self Help Group (Mahila Bachat Gat )
2 2012-13 Training Camp of  Employment  and  Self-employment Youth
3 2013-14 Campaign  for  Eradication of  Malpractices  in Examination
4 2014-15 Training  Camp for  Educated Unemployed  Youth
Faculty Profile 1. Dr.Kalwane K.L ( Chairman ) Assistant Professor Department of Marathi 2. Mr.Ankushrao N.M (Member) Assistant Professor Department of English 3. Mr.Tatipamul R.V (Member) Assistant Professor Department of Geography Future Plan As per guideline of the university, the programme or training camp is organised by the board of college. Department activities Photos