Department of Physical Education

Dept.of Physical Education :-


The Department of Physical Education is the backbone of the college, one of the biggest and important departments. . The purpose of the Sports Program is to provide an opportunity for every student, faculty and staff to take part in competitive and non-competitive recreational sports activities within the framework of educational endeavors.

The department has seperate 15 acres for sports complex, in that we have  one kho-kho ground and atheletic mud track, we are going to develop indoor hall, . With college campus we have one ,. Prizes achieved by the students are quite impressive. Students of our department play at all india Inter-University and Inter-University level Tournaments.

The objectives of the Intramural Sports Program are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for individual development through various activities.
  • To provide opportunities for social contact and the development of lasting friendships.
  • To provide leadership and fellowship opportunities through participation.
  • To provide recreation for individuals, regardless of their skill ability.
  • To provide opportunities which develop a positive attitude towards lifetime recreation.
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth and development through employment and leadership experiences.



Name                                    Designation                          Qualification             Specialization

1. Dr.B.N.Gapat                             Director of Phy-Edu                               M.P.Ed.Ph.D                  Physical Education

2.Mr.S.N.Lomte                            Associate Professor                                    M.P.Ed.                     Physical Education

3.Mr.A.B.Bondar                          Associate Professor                                    M.P.Ed.                     Physical Education

4. Mrs.P.B.Landge                       Associate Professor                                    M.P.Ed.                     Physical Education

Faculty Profile :-